Weapon Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,160,133 Apparatus And Method For Preserving A Markmanship Target Score
5,322,296 Top gun dog fight game
5,531,209 Compound Slingshot
5,603,179 Safety Trigger
5,666,667 Grip Control Glove For A Handgun
5,732,498 Tamper Proof Multi-functional Multipurpose Firearm Safety Lock
5,784,822 Reliable Scope Mount
5,829,753 Multifunctional Portable Target Stand And Dispenser
5,845,165 Rifle Style Camera
5,915,936 Firearm with identification safety system
5,926,964 Reliable scope mount
5,927,574 Rifle And Shotgun Harness
6,009,169 Inmate Phone
6,125,568 Firearm lock
6,152,125 Multi-barreled rapid fire BB gun
6,328,131 Roll Up Tree Seat
6,892,488 Illuminating Recoil Guide Rod
7,055,420 Friendly Fire Avoidance/Self-Defense System
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