Tool Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,409,699 Power Tool Waste Collector
4,561,174 Brush Assembly Tool
4,580,302 Painting Tool
4,586,233 Method Of Disabling Various Types Of Lock Cylinders In General Motors Vehicles
4,794,739 Sandpaper Cleaning Tool
4,806,116 Combination Locking And Radio Frequency Interference Sheilding Security System For A Coaxial Cable Connector
4,869,482 Tool For Loosening A Seized Ball Joint In A Motor Vehicle
4,920,895 Drafting Device For The Convenient Containment Of Erasure Shavings
4,974,330 Angle Drafting Set
5,007,173 Gasoline Engine Powered Hand Held Circular Saw
5,054,338 Combination Cap Remover And Carton Top Opener Tool
5,218,892 Parking Meter Service Tool
5,291,718 Masonary tool for a concrete block wall
5,349,760 Measuring and cutting tool
5,379,524 Versatile tape measure tool
5,447,308 Defensive police baton
5,452,908 Collapsible work stowage cart
5,454,139 Vacuum cleaner for vehicles
5,488,794 Tamper proof gun lock
5,493,818 Collapsible structure having compact shipping properties
5,495,651 Hand tool for removing hoses
5,515,894 Multiuse craftsman table
5,518,352 Relief Screw
5,529,494 Dental Tool Driving Device
5,575,660 Automotive Maintenance Instruction Kit
5,615,441 Lottery Ticket Scraper And Brush Device
5,622,278 Ladder Caddy
5,644,850 Laser Plumb Device
5,669,462 Ladder Leveling Apparatus
5,673,885 Paint Tray For A Stepladder
5,687,528 Patch Fastener Device For A Plasterboard Wall
5,700,146 Dental Hygiene Cleaning Tool
5,706,637 Human Power Mower
5,706,708 Automatic Screw Gun
5,732,498 Tamper Proof Multi-functional Multipurpose Firearm Safety Lock
5,735,071 Fishing Accessory
5,738,423 Child's Toy Tool Cabinet
5,842,284 Tape Measure With Finger Grip And Finger Guard Guide
5,875,826 Universal Hand Tool Joiner Device
5,876,091 Collapsible Tripod Stool
5,890,521 Multi-use craftsman table
5,894,769 Front end alignment tool
5,909,868 Carpet removal tool
5,927,436 Foldable Sawhorse/Workstation
5,938,263 Protector For A Pickup Truck
5,957,421 Retainer Device
5,967,315 Partitioned Storage Tube For Tip-Ups And Other Ice Fishing Accessories
5,971,102 Ladder Including Storage Compartments
6,023,924 Easy Grip Tool
6,050,165 Ratchet box wrench
6,058,814 Extendable tool
6,092,876 Apparatus for floor covering removal
6,101,730 Template jig for determining precise cutting lines on tiles
6,161,689 Saw blade caddy
6,202,517 Self opening line of pliers
6,209,723 Tool wraps
6,217,465 Impact relief tool
6,223,794 Woodworking station
6,225,906 Patient monitoring and alarm system
6,397,484 Laser-Emitting Plumb Bob
6,467,379 Self-Adjusting Socket
6,571,981 Disposable Sipper Cups
6,575,822 Sanding Glove
6,606,773 Pool Cover Installation Bar
6,634,620 Vehicle Control Arm Tool
6,695,289 Motor Driven Scissor Jack With Limit Switches
6,722,046 Portable Forward Cutting Power Saw
6,725,555 Pivoting Rafter Square
6,748,832 Universal Lug Wrench
6,765,483 Method And Apparatus For Locking And Unlocking Brake Lights
6,796,890 Extendable Wet Saw Water Shield
6,860,682 Electric Drill Guide Apparatus
6,864,487 Environmental Sampler For Mass Spectrometer
6,901,934 System & Methods For Designing And Displaying Artificial Nails
7,114,592 Ladder w/Magnetic Tool Holder Plate
7,121,172 Dual-Headed Ratcheting Basin Wrench
7,137,843 System For Outdoor Electrical Production
7,143,795 Coping Saw Attachment For Spiral Cut-Off Tools
7,159,328 Measurement Gauge Incorporating A Level
7,169,068 Racquet-string Alignment Pick
7,269,909 Rafter Layout Tool
7,475,580 Pipe Bending Clinometer
7,699,414 Drawer Cover To Prevent Jams
7,703,822 Combination Rake & Shovel Tool
7,735,277 Simulated Brick Building Panel
8,375,545 Adjustable Automotive Suspension Tool
8,407,853 High Place Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
8,496,039 Privacy Glass Cover Door Blind
8,549,687 Multi-Function Hand Tool
8,997,618 Quick release blade lock assembly
RE36,887 Tape measure with finger grip and finger guard guide
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