Sports Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,604,823 Minnow Trap
4,655,469 Ball Cycle
4,805,938 Device For Connecting Two Baby Strollers Together
4,955,748 Dustless Drywall Finisher
4,982,922 Load Securement Assembly
5,028,099 Trash Recycling Container
5,054,506 Rock And Gravel Cleaner
5,060,940 Basketball Shot Return Device
5,071,147 Device For Protectively Storing And Transporting Golf Equipment
5,228,232 Sport Fishing Tackle Box
5,291,999 Christmas tree bag
5,358,463 Exercise device
5,421,457 Cord bucket
5,429,259 Interlocking crating system
5,445,587 Liquid fillable dumbell
5,447,216 Dive gear valet case
5,452,908 Collapsible work stowage cart
5,470,002 Food container self-leveling device
5,558,485 Lift And Dump Apparatus
5,577,724 Football
5,579,785 CPR Safety Device
5,611,531 Pro Pitching Device
5,634,291 Live Bait And Tackle Container
5,638,546 Arm Warmer Garment
5,666,667 Grip Control Glove For A Handgun
5,678,700 Reel And Rod Hanger
5,700,230 Martial Arts Training Device
5,709,425 Carrier For Skates And Other Articles
5,722,920 Martial Arts Practice Apparatus
5,735,071 Fishing Accessory
5,738,331 Aircraft Crosswind Control Apparatus
5,776,009 Momentum Generating Golf Club
5,776,037 Isometric Exercise Device
5,826,827 Air-Chute Safety System
5,829,753 Multifunctional Portable Target Stand And Dispenser
5,842,930 Flexi-Grip Golf Club
5,848,791 Moving Platform/Target System
5,857,824 Dirt Bike Carrier
5,860,622 Universal Steering By-Pass Pin
5,870,946 Roasting Tote Rack
5,871,094 Laptop Computer Case And Stand
5,876,051 Folding Step For A Recreational Vehicle
5,883,086 DHEA-Containing Nutritional Supplement
5,894,951 Basketball storage device
5,899,835 Multifunctional training device
5,967,315 Partitioned Storage Tube For Tip-Ups And Other Ice Fishing Accessories
5,967,911 Basketball Rebound Device
5,986,576 Remote Control Portable Traffic Control Device And System
6,009,656 Automatic Jigging Device For A Fishing Rod
6,050,268 Pliable dual clamping cigar/cigarette holder
6,050,592 Combined golf bag and collapsible golf cart
6,052,937 Fishing rod holder device
6,061,947 Fishing lure
6,076,668 Golf head cover organizer
6,079,663 Spooled barbwire dispenser
6,079,930 Apparatus for tennis ball retrieval
6,102,263 Smart caddy
6,126,188 Unihitch assembly
6,161,689 Saw blade caddy
6,164,212 Painter's mobil workstation
6,178,606 Shoelace lock
6,217,465 Impact relief tool
6,219,625 Shoe including weight and distance traveled monitor
6,237,821 Fishing Rod Holder
6,254,097 Traveling Bingo Player
6,260,871 Tangential Wheel Suspension System
6,322,456 Golf Swing Guide
6,323,761 Vehicular Security Access System
6,326,764 Portable Solar Powered CD Player And Electrical Generator
6,328,131 Roll Up Tree Seat
6,328,292 Adjustable Pneumatic Spring
6,340,336 Golf Putter
6,341,590 Rotary Engine
6,343,692 Golf Club Shaft Protector
6,371,866 Compact Golf Club Set
6,398,663 Golf Position And Parallel Indicating Device For The Top Of Backswing
6,413,010 Traffic Directional Mat
6,421,081 Real Time Video Rear And Side Viewing Device For Vehicles Void Of Rear And Quarter Windows
6,508,191 Aqua Turbo Generator
6,517,026 Vertical Take Off And Landing Vehicle For Land Water And Air Transport
6,539,553 Hat With Adjustable Band And Interchangeable Ornaments
6,553,598 Golf Ball Cleaner
6,578,214 Sport Beds
6,602,544 Mineral Compound Composite Textile Material And Method Of Manufacturing
6,631,828 Golf Ball & Tee Placement Unit
6,634,620 Vehicle Control Arm Tool
6,651,907 Portable Refillable Water Container Having An Interior Pump Member
6,656,064 Hockey Station And Slat Apparatus
6,681,904 Golf Cart Anti-Theft Device
6,715,757 Coin Transfer Device For Slot Machines
6,719,817 Cavitation Hydrogen Generator
6,732,985 Beach Utility Pole
6,749,249 Pickup Truck Cap Lift System
6,758,170 Multi-Cycle Trainable Piston Engine
6,770,000 Apparatus And Method For A Golf Alignment Paddle
6,783,315 Pivoting Hitch-Mounted Loading Platform For Motor Vehicles
6,802,636 Illuminated Recreational Board
6,827,243 Flavor Caddy
6,842,914 Protective Impact Absorbing Helmet
6,874,168 Buttocks Padded Pants & Numbered Apparel
6,886,647 Dual Motor Axle-Driven Generator System For Electric Vehicles
6,908,404 Caddy
6,913,385 Swimming Pool Storage Device
7,011,320 Motorcycle Carriage
7,020,899 Fluid Impervious Cast Protector
7,051,472 Multi-Sensor Animal Trap
7,114,882 Planetary Transport System
7,185,741 System With Moving Zero Step For Stairs
7,216,658 Portable Vehicle Shelter
7,227,475 Public Transportation Interactive Geographical Advertisement System Having World Wide Web Access
7,252,047 Wave-forming Apparatus For Boats
7,273,443 Portable Interlocking Skate Rail Assembly
7,287,781 Interactive Sports Calendar
7,347,573 Portable, Foldable Mirror
7,523,949 Combo Baggage Tote & Posture Chair
7,618,085 Fifth Wheel Trailer Housing Boat
7,727,609 InterLocking T-Foam Impact Barrier Wall
7,862,285 Compressor Trolley
8,171,872 Interactive Submergible Tow Craft
8,464,365 Breakaway Sports Pants w Separable Zippers
8,776,778 Tailgate barbeque grill
9,242,159 Baseball Arm Trainer
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