Music Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,535,658 Musical Instrument String
5,633,837 Automobile Radio Recording System
5,685,029 Potty Training Device
5,774,446 Segmented Audio And Visual Compact Disks
5,781,525 Record Optimizer System And Method Of Utilization
5,782,366 Display Rack For Cassette Tapes And Compact Discs
5,866,829 Pedal Rack
5,929,774 Combination Pager, Organizer And Radio
6,326,764 Portable Solar Powered CD Player And Electrical Generator
6,409,338 Air-Generating Audible Spectacles Device
6,443,800 Musical Adapter For Baby Bottles
6,626,704 Acoustic Adapter Device
6,668,407 Audio Pillow With Sun Shield
6,721,431 Prismatic Loudspeaker/Microphone Array
6,822,156 Acoustic Guitar Under The Saddle Piezo Pickup
6,968,243 Competition Judging System
7,090,313 Musical Instrument Display Case
7,237,278 Potty Training Device With Means For Recording And Playing Audio Clips
7,334,768 Collapsible Music Book Stand
7,956,271 Musical Rhythmic Teaching Block System
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