Medical Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,191,302 Child's Drinking Container
4,841,648 Personalized Insole Kit
4,856,505 Apparatus For Relieving Pain and Discomfort Of A Bunion
4,865,048 Method And Apparatus For Drug-Free Neurostimulation
4,893,919 Head Supported Optical Suspension System
4,899,737 Splint For Complete Circumferential Immobilization Of An Extremity Or a Terminal Member Of An Extremity
4,913,083 Method For Reminding A Person When To Take Medication
4,920,971 Pneumatic Vein Inflation Device
4,938,221 Hemorrhoid Inflammation Reducing Device
4,953,851 Safety Mobilizer Walker
5,007,905 Eye Drop Applicator
5,044,422 Cryogenic Processing Of Orthopedic Implants
5,183,031 Fiberoptic Intubating Laryngoscope
5,187,260 Process for the preparation of a high purity protamine-DNA complex and process for use of same
5,203,325 Self Contained Apparatus For Indefinite Respiration In Non-Air Environments
5,222,599 Needle/Syringe And Blood Containment Device
5,337,290 Health watch
5,499,989 Breast Biopsy Apparatus And Method Of Use
5,558,090 Multi-purpose Head-mounted Adjustable Medical Tube Holder
5,579,785 CPR Safety Device
5,591,128 Gastrostomy Tube
5,620,462 Liquid Vitamin And Medicine Dispenser For Infants And Toddlers
5,632,756 Ear Cleaning Device Utilizing Bulbous Banded Cage
5,638,546 Arm Warmer Garment
5,640,971 Back Movement Monitor And Warning Device
5,649,901 Knee Brace
5,653,732 Natural Formed Nipple For A Baby Bottle
5,711,949 Vision Improving Eye Solution
5,741,500 Gum Growth Pad
5,752,927 Inflatable Cervical Traction Device
5,770,215 Multivitamin/Vascular Occlusion Inhibiting Composition
5,813,992 Single Use Indicator For Stethoscopes
5,851,232 Venous Stent
5,853,002 Pediatric Nebulizer Enhancer
5,876,346 Artery Locating Device
5,881,894 Combination Bottle Cap And Pre-Measured Medicine Dispenser
5,929,332 Sensor Shoe For Monitoring The Condition Of A Foot
5,944,688 Implantable Hemodialysis Access Port Assembly
5,955,067 Potassium Containing Composition Useful In The Treatment Of Acne, Psoriasis And Seborrhea
6,022,335 Implantable Hemodialysis Triple Port Assembly
6,055,668 Post-surgical garment
6,063,363 Treatment for upper respiratory tract infections with potassium salts
6,094,140 Portable alarm system
6,096,943 Skin wound protector
6,102,698 Orthognathic surgery simulation instrument
6,132,086 Single use indicator for medical thermometers
6,135,948 Convertible laryngoscope
6,143,303 Analgesic anti-inflammatory composition and method of preparing from dodonaea sp
6,149,914 Asthma treatment
6,152,738 Method and apparatus for a prosthetic ligament
6,183,450 Catheter de-clogging device
6,186,988 Wound irrigation system
6,215,554 Laser diagnostic unit for detecting carcinosis
6,223,751 Incontinence device
6,225,906 Patient monitoring and alarm system
6,237,597 Endotracheal Medication Port Adapter
6,372,786 Topical Anesthetic For Humans And Animals
6,381,484 Palm Sized Medical Examination Device
6,384,295 Duct Tape Bandages
6,482,428 Weighted Eyelid Implant
6,503,258 Unitary Anastomotic Device
6,543,068 Home Health Care Bed Bath
6,558,618 Anti-Infection Formulation & Delivery Method
6,602,072 Disposable Deformable High Volume Aspirator
6,635,038 Disposable Incontinence Device
6,696,924 Hand-Held Apparatus For Monitoring Drug-Nutrient Mineral Interactions
6,711,547 Handheld Medical Processing Device Storing Patient Records Prescriptions And X-Rays Used By Physicians
6,751,805 Rider Down Emergency Identification Card
6,775,852 Urine Collecting Device
6,776,708 Smoke Extraction System
6,902,146 Catheter Valve To Prevent Bladder Atrophy
8,175,713 Electro-Stimulation To Pump Blood From Legs
9,204,749 Quick Release Antimicrobial Hospital Curtain
9,320,441 Medical Glove
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