Massage Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
To view the full patent document click the highlighted patent number in the 1st column.
Patent Number Invention Title
5,056,506 Versatile Relaxing Chair
5,263,474 Foot Massaging Device
5,503,618 Hydromassage pillow
5,725,484 Manual Personal Massager
5,758,984 Conditioning And Untangling Hairbrush
6,210,057 Multipurpose applicator
6,213,129 Cradle cap kit
6,695,796 Chiropractic Massage Device
6,837,860 Cranial Base Massage Unit
7,207,953 Massage Therapy Vest
7,264,599 Massaging Bathing Shoe
7,311,681 Motor Vehicle Massage Seat
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