Lock Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,436,328 Keyless Lock
4,586,233 Method Of Disabling Various Types Of Lock Cylinders In General Motors Vehicles
4,736,974 Portable Window Stop
4,758,033 Window Lock
4,806,116 Combination Locking And Radio Frequency Interference Sheilding Security System For A Coaxial Cable Connector
4,831,850 Apparatus For Protecting A Console Gearshift And Preventing Theft Of A Radio In A Motor Vehicle
4,991,417 Key Extension For The Physically Impaired
5,233,850 Rekeyable Lock System
5,412,964 Anti-theft device for a motor vehicle
5,487,291 Key holder case with easy access feature
5,488,794 Tamper proof gun lock
5,516,168 Automotive Adjustable Trunk Lock Device
5,521,585 Protector
5,581,844 Doorstop
5,582,045 Anti-theft Device For Attachment To A Steering Wheel In A Motor Vehicle
5,603,179 Safety Trigger
5,615,567 Exterior Door Lock Cover
5,628,212 Anti-theft Device For Immobilizing A Wheel Of A Motor Vehicle
5,657,578 Easy Out Fire Escape Window Gate
5,709,110 Security System For A Laptop Computer
5,727,405 Alarm Padlock
5,732,498 Tamper Proof Multi-functional Multipurpose Firearm Safety Lock
5,952,732 Vehicle Security System
5,992,188 Door Lock System
6,082,154 Surfboard lock
6,125,568 Firearm lock
6,168,243 Hubcap protective device
6,323,761 Vehicular Security Access System
6,522,253 Luggage Locking And Locating Device
6,550,294 Manhole Security Device
6,681,904 Golf Cart Anti-Theft Device
6,950,033 Door Bolt Alarm
7,040,676 Strike Plate Chamber For A Dead Bolt
7,340,929 Axially Rotative Rekeyable Lock
7,475,575 Theft Prevention Security Device
7,537,250 Cabinet Child Safety Lock
8,495,897 Overhead Door Lock
8,505,954 Rotative Anti-Theft Bar Lock For Tractor Trailers
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