Kitchen Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,330,806 Puzzle towel/mat for bath, beach and kitchen
5,494,176 Child safe cutlery set holder
5,664,435 See-through Refrigerator/freezer
5,664,670 Powdered Drink Multiple Compartment Flexible Packet
5,704,278 Energy Efficient High Capacity Rotary Oven
5,745,999 Food Slicer Device
5,979,281 Produce Slicer And Chopper
6,032,663 Stove Emergency Cutoff System
6,176,455 Bag holding device for refuse containers
6,250,498 Spoon Dispenser
6,318,567 Under Cabinet Culinary Instrument Rack
6,367,661 Cup Cake Hopper
6,371,105 Stove Burner Shield
6,372,275 Drying Apparatus For Boiled Seafood
6,471,402 Formed Stacking Element Integral With Plastic Storage Bags
6,513,998 Scouring Gloves
6,568,643 Adjustable Bottle Holder
6,571,981 Disposable Sipper Cups
6,578,590 Rotative Cleaning And Sanitizing Device
6,588,803 Extendible P-Trap Dishwasher Waste Port
6,651,970 Multi-Functional Cutting Board
6,805,031 Finger Shield For Slicing Vegetables
6,869,351 Tray For Tenderizing And Marinating Meats
6,903,142 System For Sorting & Processing A Plurality Of Solid Waste Products For Recycling
6,908,375 Apparatus For Tenderizing & Marinating Poultry & Meats
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