Household Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,740,562 Pool Protector Device
5,752,347 Breakaway Gutter
5,769,802 Water Activated Bath Brush
5,775,080 Rake For Removing Weeds With Intact Roots
5,775,593 Automatic Lawn Treatment Dispensing Unit
5,778,902 Hair-Color Stick
5,785,063 Combination Toothbrush And Drinking Cup
5,794,279 Water Saver Attachment For Tiolets
5,797,567 Easy Fill Locking Bag Holder
5,816,909 Dual Purpose Attic Fan
5,829,501 Complete Workstation
5,842,284 Tape Measure With Finger Grip And Finger Guard Guide
5,848,915 Offset Power Strip
5,871,184 Holder For A Baby Bottle
5,873,146 Holding Device For A Door
5,875,646 Device For Cooling Food And Beverages Especially For An Infant
5,878,439 Grip Mitt
5,878,881 Storage Saver System
5,879,184 Outdoor Electrical Outlet Protector
5,880,811 Infant Eye Trainer For A Baby Bottle
5,881,401 Turbo Return Fitting For A Swimming Pool
5,881,742 Multi-Purpose Cosmetic Applicator
5,882,508 Easy Clean System For A Gutter
5,884,460 Propane Powered Lawn Equipment
5,884,647 Folding Structure
5,927,436 Foldable Sawhorse/Workstation
5,927,596 Mailbox Including A Visual Deposit Indicator
5,927,959 Replica Flame
5,929,774 Combination Pager, Organizer And Radio
5,934,452 Extender For A Rocker Type Light Switch
5,934,649 Hand Operated Post And Pole Extraction Device
5,934,721 Multi-Function Adjustable Grip Barbecue Tong Assembly
5,938,069 Telephone Disinfecting Towelette And Dispenser
5,938,290 Grass Trimmer For A Sprinkler Head
5,942,017 Electronic Equipment Air Conditioner And Purifier
5,943,298 Multi-Dimensional Calendar
5,946,657 Forever By My Side Ancestral Computer Program
5,947,943 Diaper Visual Indicator
5,957,421 Retainer Device
5,957,436 Adjustable Child Stand
5,971,102 Ladder Including Storage Compartments
5,983,832 Cat Litter Box With Bag System
5,984,555 Dual Toilet Brush
5,989,070 Bulb Socket Adapter
5,992,188 Door Lock System
5,998,735 Safety Device For An Electrical Outlet
6,000,304 Chain Pliers
6,021,642 Cosmetic Storage And Refrigeration Unit
6,023,924 Easy Grip Tool
6,030,088 Clear Casing For An Electronic Component
6,030,290 Momentary Contact Motion Switch For Video Games
6,032,663 Stove Emergency Cutoff System
6,036,330 Light Switch Extender
6,161,328 Multifunction monofilament fly swatter and broom
6,176,455 Bag holding device for refuse containers
6,354,046 Skylight Membrane With Diverter
6,378,262 Telescoping Louvered Window Insert
6,378,831 Air Guard Corner Edge Protector
6,384,724 Smoke Alarm
6,408,862 Centrifugal Paint Roller Cleaner
6,415,955 Plaster Ejector Gun With Disposable Cartridge
6,467,379 Self-Adjusting Socket
6,471,066 Trash Bag Patch
6,471,402 Formed Stacking Element Integral With Plastic Storage Bags
6,499,218 Four Sided Dual Blade Shaver
6,502,349 Lawn And Garden Edging Device
6,539,991 Paint Can Spill Guard
6,578,214 Sport Beds
6,581,887 Rotatable Television Mounting Assembly
6,594,833 Sofa Bed W/Bedding Compartment
6,604,790 Tandem Movie Lounge
6,606,773 Pool Cover Installation Bar
6,627,284 Raised Adhesive Decorative Wall And Ceiling Device
6,631,712 Aquatic Barbecue Ash Extinguisher & Remover
6,637,160 Telescopic Enclosure
6,644,557 Access Controlled Thermostat System
6,652,305 Socket To Accommodate Standard Screw Based Light Bulb
6,655,091 Shutter Assembly
6,688,426 Wheel extension and lift device for ladders
6,725,489 Automatic Pool Cleaner Accessory
6,729,035 Apparatus And Method For A Clear Ruled Tile Template
6,802,088 Comfort Bed Bath
6,807,689 Whirlpool Conversion Kit
6,845,527 In-Wall Plumbing Trap With Integral Waste and Vent Line
6,845,737 Combination Ball And Dog Leash
6,851,201 Drywall T-Square
6,886,796 Elastic Cord Storage Device
6,913,385 Swimming Pool Storage Device
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