Golf Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,984,684 Award Designation Apparatus For A Golf Club Bag And The Like
5,026,060 Indoor Golf Game
5,029,867 Golf Game
5,071,147 Device For Protectively Storing And Transporting Golf Equipment
5,269,410 Golf Accessory Organizer
5,275,570 Golf Instructional Device
5,351,961 Golf putter alignment aid
5,452,773 Side load carrier golf cart
5,524,895 Practice Golf Club Putter
5,569,095 Straight Shot Golf Aid
5,582,043 Golf Bag And Club Securing Device
5,776,009 Momentum Generating Golf Club
5,842,930 Flexi-Grip Golf Club
6,050,268 Pliable dual clamping cigar/cigarette holder
6,050,592 Combined golf bag and collapsible golf cart
6,076,668 Golf head cover organizer
6,102,263 Smart caddy
6,217,465 Impact relief tool
6,322,456 Golf Swing Guide
6,340,336 Golf Putter
6,343,692 Golf Club Shaft Protector
6,371,866 Compact Golf Club Set
6,398,663 Golf Position And Parallel Indicating Device For The Top Of Backswing
6,553,598 Golf Ball Cleaner
6,631,828 Golf Ball & Tee Placement Unit
6,681,904 Golf Cart Anti-Theft Device
6,770,000 Apparatus And Method For A Golf Alignment Paddle
6,908,404 Caddy
6,939,245 Training Aid For Golfers
7,115,044 Magnetic Module Golf Practice Device
7,118,489 Golf Swing Training Device
7,207,902 Method And Apparatus For Locating And Recording The Position Of A Golf Ball During A Golf Game
7,229,082 Wheeled Golf Bag Carrier
7,850,538 Golf Club Having Two Divergent Faces
8,496,537 Golf Putting Training Device
8,740,716 Golf ball ejection device
D342,802 Golf lamp
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