Fishing Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,749,162 Fishing Rod Holder Cup Insert Member
4,903,429 Device To Attract Fish
4,948,059 Tensioning Device For A Fishing Line
5,127,181 Portable Fishing Cushion
5,228,232 Sport Fishing Tackle Box
5,276,990 Illuminated Fishing Pole
5,564,219 Fishing Lure
5,634,291 Live Bait And Tackle Container
5,678,700 Reel And Rod Hanger
5,735,071 Fishing Accessory
5,894,693 Bug master fishing lure
5,967,315 Partitioned Storage Tube For Tip-Ups And Other Ice Fishing Accessories
6,009,656 Automatic Jigging Device For A Fishing Rod
6,052,937 Fishing rod holder device
6,061,947 Fishing lure
6,237,821 Fishing Rod Holder
6,341,425 Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
6,357,169 Bait Saver Bucket
6,508,699 Apparatus For Rinsing And Scraping Bi-Valve Mollusks
6,513,453 Method For Extruding Poultry Litter For The Manufacture Of Feed And Aquatic Bait Products
6,561,117 Accessory Mounting Track For Watercraft
6,711,849 Adjustable Chum Bucket
7,008,086 Electronically Controlled Flashing Light And RF Transmitter For Ice Fishing Tip-Ups
7,043,869 Modular Portable Multi-Rod Fishing Stand
7,146,764 Rattle Cage Fishing Lure
7,174,669 Fishing Lure With Bait Cavity
7,337,577 Fishing Pole Strike Indicator
7,343,261 Underwater Sensor Transmitter Probe
7,434,348 Fishing Pole Strike Alert
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