Exercise Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,478,414 Elastic Ankle And Knee Exerciser
4,736,946 Leg And Stomach Muscle Exerciser And Waistline Forming Apparatus
4,986,537 Sidewinder Exerciser
4,997,184 Travel Dumbbell
5,033,741 Isometric Push-Up Machine
5,358,463 Exercise device
5,445,587 Liquid fillable dumbell
5,451,192 Adjustable exercise device for a child
5,556,359 Hand Grip Exercise Device
5,569,125 Twist And Flex Upper Body Shaping Exercise Device
5,643,158 Upper Body Shaping Exercise Device
5,697,622 Double Line Roller Skate
5,709,395 Three Wheel Roller Skate
5,769,767 Exercise Device
5,776,037 Isometric Exercise Device
5,820,533 Arm/Shoulder Exercise Walking Vest
5,871,423 Gyroscopic Weight Training Devices
5,897,471 Upper body muscle toner device and leg and knee exerciser
5,897,472 Abdominal exercise apparatus featuring prestretching and weight training facilities
5,899,835 Multifunctional training device
5,906,563 Dual exercise bike
5,931,766 Combination Jumping Game And Exerciser
5,957,812 Maximum Contraction Unit
5,971,339 Hanging Apparatus For A Dumbbell
5,992,805 Media Master Apparatus
6,059,694 Hand exerciser employing finger power bands
6,063,013 Resistive ankle exercise device
6,219,625 Shoe including weight and distance traveled monitor
6,280,367 Ball Return Apparatus For Exercising Abdominal Muscles
6,342,028 Magnetic Counter For Exercise Equipment
6,371,502 Improved Human Powered Wheelchair
6,475,115 Computer Exercise System
6,598,770 Beverage Container Belt
6,659,488 Tricycle
6,740,017 Indoor Walking Workout Facility
6,837,186 Exercise Treadmill For Dogs
7,022,048 Video Fitness Machine
7,044,891 Video Bike
7,172,539 Abdominal Exercising Support Apparatus
7,335,134 Exercise & Game Controller
7,473,213 Wrist Saver Exercise Handle
7,632,221 Cable Cross Trainer Apparatus
7,648,449 Aquatic Exercise Device
7,648,473 Traction Extension Table
D436,148 Universal exercise glove
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