Electronic Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,696,428 Electronic Fluid Temperature Flow Control System
4,739,897 Holder For The Protection Of Remote Electronic Devices
4,862,431 Cigarette Case With Built-In Electronic Timing Device
4,949,187 Video Communications System Having A Remotely Controlled Central Source Of Video And Audio Data
4,997,110 Concealable Water Shooter
5,031,205 Auto Response Phone System
5,249,810 Counting Paddle Toy
5,335,589 Multiple beverage dispenser
5,413,113 Electronic allegro-sensitivity test device
5,661,783 Electronic Secretary
5,684,463 Electronic Refrigeration And Air Conditioner Monitor And Alarm
5,734,316 Canine Auditory Transmission Apparatus
5,774,038 Safety Monitor
5,778,547 Electronic Combination Square
5,820,442 Super Sound Engine/Transmission Sound Enhancer
5,847,652 Electronic Whistle Device
5,866,829 Pedal Rack
5,870,110 Hand Held Messaging System
5,870,892 Electrical Energy Generator
5,871,094 Laptop Computer Case And Stand
5,876,346 Artery Locating Device
5,900,734 Low battery voltage detection and warning system
5,929,774 Combination Pager, Organizer And Radio
5,930,770 Portable Computer And Printer For Tracking Inventory
5,942,017 Electronic Equipment Air Conditioner And Purifier
5,943,024 Feed Assembly Waveguide Interface
5,946,657 Forever By My Side Ancestral Computer Program
5,957,812 Maximum Contraction Unit
5,963,245 Video Telephone
5,992,805 Media Master Apparatus
6,011,321 Page Receiver Security System
6,021,310 Computer Pager Device
6,030,088 Clear Casing For An Electronic Component
6,045,235 DC power suppy device with rechargeable cellular telephone battery in flashlight with connection for remote electrical device
6,279,321 Method And Apparatus For Generating Electricity And Potable Water
6,388,612 Global Cellular Position Tracking Device
6,409,338 Air-Generating Audible Spectacles Device
6,443,800 Musical Adapter For Baby Bottles
6,561,137 Portable Electronic Multi-Sensory Animal Containment & Tracking Device
6,626,704 Acoustic Adapter Device
6,644,833 Illuminating Novelty Cleansing Bar
6,741,166 Security Apparatus For Motor Vehicle Electronic Accessory Unit
6,892,488 Illuminating Recoil Guide Rod
6,983,170 Mobile Cellular Telephone
7,008,086 Electronically Controlled Flashing Light And RF Transmitter For Ice Fishing Tip-Ups
7,014,485 Method & Apparatus For Concealing Wires At The Front End Of A Motorcycle
7,151,356 Retractable Cord Power Adapter & Battery Pack
7,237,278 Potty Training Device With Means For Recording And Playing Audio Clips
7,343,261 Underwater Sensor Transmitter Probe
7,357,527 Solar Sign Light
8,429,827 Electronic Cooking Utensil w/ Time & Status Indicator
8,901,442 Luggage incorporating a weight determination mechanism and location determination system
9,293,274 Apparatus for using handheld devices
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