Dental Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,565,187 Laryngoscope
5,115,530 Rotary Toothbrush
5,293,886 Dental strip
5,382,106 Toothbrush with a teeth cleansing substance dispensing system
5,438,726 Tooth cleaning system with timer and signaling means
5,449,290 Dental mirror incorporating air flow
5,529,494 Dental Tool Driving Device
5,575,028 Tooth Fairy Pillow
5,700,146 Dental Hygiene Cleaning Tool
5,735,298 Tri-Fold Multipurpose Toothbrush
5,741,500 Gum Growth Pad
5,785,063 Combination Toothbrush And Drinking Cup
5,915,392 Toothpick Containing Dental Floss
6,102,698 Orthognathic surgery simulation instrument
6,119,296 All-sided mouthbrush
6,135,279 Sanitizing toothbrush holder
6,152,738 Method and apparatus for a prosthetic ligament
6,660,250 Tooth Cleaning Composition And Applicator
6,772,770 Floss Toothbrush For Adults And Children
6,814,261 Mouthwash Dispenser
6,968,978 Wall Mountable Dispenser For Collapsible Tubes
7,021,851 Toothbrush Incorporating Dentrifrice Dispenser
7,073,225 Plaque Eradicating System Utilizing A Plurality Of Double-sided Toothbrushes Or Toothbrush Heads
7,913,883 Hygienic Disposable Dentrifice Applicator
8,087,843 Liquid Dentrifice Dispensing Toothbrush
8,739,350 Dental implant post cleaner
8,966,695 Closed mouth toothbrush
9,204,943 Coreflex Abutment System
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