Cooking Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,411,011 Outdoor cooking device
5,499,574 Vertically oriented duel grill
5,664,875 Barbecue Grill Light
5,699,725 System For Preparing Baked Apples And Other Edible Fruits And Vegetables
5,704,278 Energy Efficient High Capacity Rotary Oven
6,032,663 Stove Emergency Cutoff System
6,148,719 Mechanical coring device
6,195,906 Air purification system and food dehydration unit
6,318,567 Under Cabinet Culinary Instrument Rack
6,367,661 Cup Cake Hopper
6,371,105 Stove Burner Shield
6,391,074 Grease Stopper
6,631,712 Aquatic Barbecue Ash Extinguisher & Remover
6,651,970 Multi-Functional Cutting Board
6,718,865 Grill Space Saver
6,755,418 What's For Dinner Board Game
6,805,031 Finger Shield For Slicing Vegetables
6,869,351 Tray For Tenderizing And Marinating Meats
6,880,546 Barbecue Grill With Ash Discharge
7,137,419 Used Cooking Oil Processing Apparatus
7,538,300 Polygonal Cooking Apparatus
8,353,282 Disposable Stove Top Cover
8,429,827 Electronic Cooking Utensil w/ Time & Status Indicator
9,220,365 Electromagnet For Fastening Cookware
9,220,371 Fryer Basket Divider
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