Construction Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,525,153 Ready Mixed Cement Product Incorporating Material From Construction And Demolition Debris
5,603,239 Gyroscopic Virtual Counterweight For Cranes
5,657,599 Dry Wall Butt Stud
5,669,462 Ladder Leveling Apparatus
5,687,528 Patch Fastener Device For A Plasterboard Wall
5,706,708 Automatic Screw Gun
5,735,291 Hot Water Re-Circulating System
5,752,347 Breakaway Gutter
5,768,795 Stud Template
5,768,961 Self Adjusting Socket For A Wrench Handle
5,788,204 Pump Jack Base
5,797,639 Lock Box
5,797,708 Universal Drill Guide
5,829,501 Complete Workstation
5,871,310 Device For And Method Of Enlarging And Center Displacing An Opening In A Work Piece
5,890,521 Multi-use craftsman table
5,927,436 Foldable Sawhorse/Workstation
5,934,037 Building Block
5,971,102 Ladder Including Storage Compartments
6,036,133 Recoiling String Line Apparatus
6,101,730 Template jig for determining precise cutting lines on tiles
6,141,918 Preformed casting for concrete deadman
6,161,689 Saw blade caddy
6,209,723 Tool wraps
6,213,187 Replacement window with shutter
6,220,782 Method and apparatus for altering an aggregate gradation mixture of an asphalt concrete mixture
6,338,677 Vent Control System
6,340,234 Illuminated Lens Device For Welders Helmet
6,354,046 Skylight Membrane With Diverter
6,378,262 Telescoping Louvered Window Insert
6,415,955 Plaster Ejector Gun With Disposable Cartridge
6,467,379 Self-Adjusting Socket
6,494,551 Pinched Rail Drawer Guide System
6,530,631 Mobile Workstation Storage Device
6,575,822 Sanding Glove
6,652,305 Socket To Accommodate Standard Screw Based Light Bulb
6,688,426 Wheel extension and lift device for ladders
6,694,688 Covering System For Surfaces
6,703,562 Wall Socket Paint Shield
6,722,046 Portable Forward Cutting Power Saw
6,725,555 Pivoting Rafter Square
6,729,035 Apparatus And Method For A Clear Ruled Tile Template
6,796,890 Extendable Wet Saw Water Shield
6,817,444 Suspended Work Platform
6,822,197 Electrically Heated Paint Scraper Heated Within The Blade Or By Heated Air
6,845,527 In-Wall Plumbing Trap With Integral Waste and Vent Line
6,851,201 Drywall T-Square
6,857,240 Cinderblock Alignment Clip
6,860,682 Electric Drill Guide Apparatus
7,350,244 Detachable Shower Liner
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