Computer Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,665,502 Random Lottery Computer
4,757,901 Erasable Label Kit
5,045,842 Computer Input Device
5,233,468 Computer Hood
5,413,113 Electronic allegro-sensitivity test device
5,570,112 Ergonomic Computer Mouse
5,579,908 Retaining Envelope For A Computer Disk
5,607,040 Currency Counter-feit Detection Device
5,661,783 Electronic Secretary
5,709,110 Security System For A Lap-top Computer
5,828,306 Location Detector And Monitor And Method Of Using The Same
5,871,094 Laptop Computer Case And Stand
5,929,332 Sensor Shoe For Monitoring The Condition Of A Foot
5,930,770 Portable Computer And Printer For Tracking Inventory
5,946,657 Forever By My Side Ancestral Computer Program
5,963,129 Vehicle Identification And Information System Control Device And System
6,003,446 Keyboard Lap Table
6,021,310 Computer Pager Device
6,070,838 Ergonomic mouse pad
6,145,004 Intranet network system
6,152,311 PC space saver/computer caddy
6,323,761 Vehicular Security Access System
6,381,484 Palm Sized Medical Examination Device
6,425,862 Interactive Furniture For Dieters
6,443,543 Mobile Personal Computer
6,475,115 Computer Exercise System
6,578,140 Personal Computer Having A Master Computer System And An Internet Computer System And Monitoring A Condition Of Said Master And Internet Computer Systems
6,626,704 Acoustic Adapter Device
6,769,012 Method And System For Managing Message Transactions Between A Sender And Recipient Within A Virtual Mailbox
6,847,352 Stress Relieving Mouse
6,900,738 Method & Apparatus For Reading A Meter & Providing Customer Service Via The Internet
7,062,365 Personal Computer For Automobiles
7,181,300 Single Use Media Device
7,239,509 Modular Computer Components
7,301,532 Digital Display Keyboard
7,545,627 Lapdesk Dual Interface Computer
7,555,405 Computerized Chart For Data Analysis
7,631,870 Holy Bible Learning Activity
7,653,585 Real Estate Commission Bid System
8,561,719 Computerized Boring System w Bore Head Sensors
8,868,898 Bootable covert communications module
9,089,751 Batting practice trainer
D291,582 Random lottery computer
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