Clothing Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
5,416,928 Versatile garment attachment and article of clothing
5,617,584 Face Covering
5,680,943 Standing Closet Device
5,692,604 Daily Wear Organizer
5,704,062 Sun Visor
5,704,066 Protective Glove Device
5,711,034 Menstrual Underpants
5,732,412 Knee Pad Attachment
6,034,003 Ultraviolet Radiation Protective Clothing
6,049,912 Mountable printable placard with headband
6,089,052 Weft binding layered knitting
6,167,572 Reinforced garment with looped grasping handles
6,219,625 Shoe including weight and distance traveled monitor
6,256,840 Swing Towel
6,843,578 Electro-Luminescent Footwear Or Clothing System
7,152,279 Towel Attachment Device
7,320,419 Hanger With Roller Beads
7,725,958 Shoulder Strap Retainer
7,748,583 Article Holster
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