Boat Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,398,489 Built-In Trailer For Boats
4,895,092 Mainsail Furling Device For A Sailboat
5,003,905 Collapsable Hatch Screen
5,063,702 Device For Storing And Dispensing A Trotline
5,127,181 Portable Fishing Cushion
5,133,274 Kinetic Integral Steering System
5,218,918 Convertible Powerboat
5,367,296 Communication signal device
5,396,857 Launching device
5,476,400 Hydraulic power system for a boat
5,551,186 Fish Catch Chest
5,599,217 Rapid Cooling System For Liquid-cooled Engines
6,009,656 Automatic Jigging Device For A Fishing Rod
6,066,012 Propulsion system for a marine vessel
6,215,407 Hydrocarbon detection, alert, and vapor removal system with discharge containment capabilities
6,341,425 Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
6,357,169 Bait Saver Bucket
6,447,353 Toddler/Adult Float Jacket
6,508,191 Aqua Turbo Generator
6,513,453 Method For Extruding Poultry Litter For The Manufacture Of Feed And Aquatic Bait Products
6,561,117 Accessory Mounting Track For Watercraft
6,637,077 Adjustable Strap
6,711,849 Adjustable Chum Bucket
6,824,327 Artificial Barrier Reef
7,252,047 Wave-forming Apparatus For Boats
7,387,480 Pro Angler Equipment Trailer
7,618,085 Fifth Wheel Trailer Housing Boat
9,339,017 Living Wave Barrier
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