Bathroom Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,521,919 Bathroom Radio
5,685,029 Potty Training Device
5,769,802 Water Activated Bath Brush
5,778,902 Hair-Color Stick
5,785,063 Combination Toothbrush And Drinking Cup
5,794,279 Water Saver Attachment For Toilets
5,881,742 Multi-Purpose Cosmetic Applicator
5,984,555 Dual Toilet Brush
5,991,937 Bidet Device
6,105,179 Toilet/bidet seat
6,119,296 All-sided mouthbrush
6,135,279 Sanitizing toothbrush holder
6,219,884 Method and apparatus for decorative toilet flush handles
6,223,751 Incontinence device
6,314,591 Hygienic Odorless Toilet For The Blind And Physically Challenged
6,473,971 Disposable Mustache And Beard Stylizing Razor
6,499,218 Four Sided Dual Blade Shaver
6,622,947 Rain Shower Head Device
6,635,038 Disposable Incontinence Device
6,779,220 Cylindrical Hair Brush Cleaner
6,799,695 Sanitary Napkin Dispensing Device
6,802,088 Comfort Bed Bath
6,807,689 Whirlpool Conversion Kit
6,814,261 Mouthwash Dispenser
6,896,155 Shower Curtain w/Dispensing Pockets
7,131,155 Diaper Changing Bench For Public Use
8,344,893 Hygienic Assurance System
9,364,123 Disposable Single Use Portable Toilet
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