Baby Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,466,146 Portable Baby Changer
4,723,801 Clip On Baby Bottle Holder
4,805,938 Device For Connecting Two Baby Strollers Together
5,183,229 Baby Bottle Holder
5,620,462 Liquid Vitamin And Medicine Dispenser For Infants And Toddlers
5,653,732 Natural Formed Nipple For A Baby Bottle
5,669,520 Flexible Neck Baby Bottle
5,700,279 Appetizing Pacifier
5,713,090 Bed Enclosure For A Baby
5,871,184 Holder For A Baby Bottle
5,875,646 Device For Cooling Food And Beverages Especially For An Infant
5,880,811 Infant Eye Trainer For A Baby Bottle
5,921,567 Safety walker for a baby
5,947,943 Diaper Visual Indicator
5,957,436 Adjustable Child Stand
6,049,909 Disposable infant garment
6,055,667 Baby bottle and sip cup bib support
6,056,355 Infant car seat cover
6,086,158 Padded cushioning device
6,269,502 Method And Apparatus Combining Pacifier, Pacifier Holder And Swaddling Blanket For Extended Pacification Of Infants
6,413,142 Expandable Doll
6,443,800 Musical Adapter For Baby Bottles
6,539,553 Hat With Adjustable Band And Interchangeable Ornaments
6,564,403 Baby Bumper Pad
6,568,643 Adjustable Bottle Holder
6,571,981 Disposable Sipper Cups
6,572,189 Pivoting, Slidable Infant Car Seat
6,659,777 Automobile Activity Screen
6,811,403 Method for biodegradable material having water and uric acid activated color images
6,899,239 Sealable Baby Bottle Liner
6,938,906 Baby Stroller With Engageable Locking Device
7,131,155 Diaper Changing Bench For Public Use
7,250,869 Child Carseat Alert System
7,260,862 Baby Bottle And Nipple Cleaning Apparatus
7,273,197 Adjustable Shopping Cart And Baby Stroller Stand
7,287,657 Triple Seal Disposable Baby Bottles
7,563,237 Cranial Correction Orthoses
8,061,068 Nursing Bra Breast Feeding Indicator
8,127,385 Infant Head Rest & Angular Support Pillow
8,292,099 Compartmentalized Baby Bottle
RE39,511 Infant eye trainer for a baby bottle
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