Automotive Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,840,855 Battery Life Extender
4,846,447 Actuator Device For The Trigger Of An Automatic Nozzle Of A Gasoline Pump
4,869,482 Tool For Loosening A Seized Ball Joint In A Motor Vehicle
4,931,708 Independent Band Spring Door Gear Motor Operator
4,948,191 Protector For a Roof And Windows Of A Motor Vehicle
5,002,326 Automotive Windshield Laminated Protector
5,205,606 Armrest For A Window Of A Modern Day Motor Vehicle
5,210,655 Multi-Vision Mirror For A Rearview Mirror In A Motor Vehicle
5,257,598 Fuel And Water Vaporizer For An Engine
5,333,955 Automotive main bearing
5,516,168 Automotive Adjustable Trunk Lock Device
5,569,849 Visual Tire Cap Pressure Gauge
5,575,660 Automotive Maintenance Instruction Kit
5,601,390 Conveyor-type Three Dimensional Parking System
5,615,815 Storage Rack For An Automotive Anti-theft Device
5,634,502 No Spill Oil Filler
5,636,669 Selective Coloring System
5,700,048 Van Canopy
5,704,066 Protective Glove Device
5,705,870 Universally Mountable Automotive Alternator
5,724,838 Anti-theft Device For A Motor Vehicle
5,820,442 Super Sound Engine/Transmission Sound Enhancer
5,822,825 Window Ice Scraper
5,857,693 Dial Ball Mount For A Trailer Hitch
5,890,462 Tangential driven rotary engine
5,890,525 Inflatable car cover and method of covering
5,924,735 High strength mud flap and method of producing same
5,924,762 Truck tunnel
5,927,783 Modular Universal Shelf For An Open Load Bed For A Pickup Truck
5,929,596 Electric Vehicle Assembly Circuit
5,932,052 Process For Appying Indicia Onto An Elastic Component
5,938,263 Protector For A Pickup Truck
5,942,979 On Guard Vehicle Safety Warning System
5,949,150 Automatic Wiper System
5,952,732 Vehicle Security System
5,960,572 Toll Pass Holder
5,963,129 Vehicle Identification And Information System Control Device And System
5,967,539 Trail Safe System
5,971,685 Securing Device For Cargo In A Utility Vehicle
5,986,576 Remote Control Portable Traffic Control Device And System
6,006,580 Auto Body Bench
6,027,781 Protective Cover For An Automotive Carpet Mat
6,056,355 Infant car seat cover
6,062,629 Method and apparatus for protecting an exterior of a vehicle
6,086,158 Padded cushioning device
6,104,282 Daily log device
6,116,415 Protective tire cover with detachable center section for changing and handling a tire
6,126,188 Unihitch assembly
6,128,804 Vacuum system for a motor vehicle
6,154,916 Directionally pivotal forced air motor vehicle car wash drier
6,168,243 Hubcap protective device
6,170,865 Electromagnetic car seat release upon deployment of vehicular air bag
6,213,047 Emergency vehicle extendable safety barrier
6,220,397 Anti ice skidding apparatus
6,260,871 Tangential Wheel Suspension System
6,357,899 Trailer Hitch Attachment With Illuminated Logo
6,565,243 Lighted Wheel
6,612,273 Dual-Piston Compression Chamber For Two Cycle Engines
6,637,829 Decorative Jeweled Wheel Cover
6,641,225 Decorative Tire Sidewall Shield
6,830,085 Fuel Tank Inlet Extension
6,860,304 Two Sided Traction Belt For Tires
7,062,365 Personal Computer For Automobiles
7,659,808 Automotive Messaging Display Unit
8,375,545 Adjustable Automotive Suspension Tool
8,909,415 Vehicle and personal service monitoring and alerting systems
9,199,365 Vehicle Ball Joint & Suspension Removal Tool
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