Animal Patents Obtained By The Office Of Michael I. Kroll
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Patent Number Invention Title
4,572,107 Easily Cleanable Animal Enclosure
4,817,313 Humane Animal Trap
4,844,016 Pet Enclosure
5,511,339 Rodent trap
5,537,952 Pet Sheet Bed Cover
5,615,638 Cat Litter Collection Device
5,632,231 Pet Shower Device
5,667,264 Apparatus For Animal Waste Collection
5,697,621 Steerable Animal Statue For A Carriage
5,734,316 Canine Auditory Transmission Apparatus
5,762,433 Flea Powder Brush
6,032,995 Apparatus For Retrieval And Disposal Of Pet Fecal
6,205,950 Pet Toilet-Like Water Dish And Food Storage
6,372,786 Topical Anesthetic For Humans And Animals
6,513,453 Method For Extruding Poultry Litter For The Manufacture Of Feed And Aquatic Bait Products
6,561,137 Portable Electronic Multi-Sensory Animal Containment & Tracking Device
6,837,186 Exercise Treadmill For Dogs
6,838,480 Composition containing sucrafate and a topical anesthetic for humans and animals and method of use thereof
6,844,014 Herbal Healing Lotion For Veterinary Use
6,845,737 Combination Ball And Dog Leash
6,905,233 Light Guard
6,942,264 Disposable Pet Waste Receptacle
7,051,472 Multi-Sensor Animal Trap
7,705,736 Data Logging System For Animal Research
9,232,772 Pet Leash Incorporating Compartments
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